Persefone, the band that put the Andorran country on the map of the metal scene, started as a band back in 2001.

At that time, founding members were Carlos Lozano (guitar), Jordi Gorgues (guitar), Toni Mestre (bass) and Xavi Pérez (drums) and they started as a cover band. Later - in 2002 - Miguel "Moe" Espinosa (vocals and keyboards) joined the band. He was close childhood friend with Carlos, and they already played in a band called Rüdi Gannan. That was the moment when the band started writing songs. They spent one year working on what would become, the very first Persefone album "Truth Inside the Shades", released by Adipocere Records in Europe, Soundholic Records in Japan, and CD-Maximum (Russia and baltic countries), in combination with Intromental Management.

The album achieved great media feedback and soon they started preparing the 70 minutes, 3 songs opus, "Core". Released in 2007 by Burning Star in Europe and Soundholic in Japan, this epic album is still considered one of the best albums in its genre, ever.

With some new band members, Aleix Dorca (Drums) and Marc Martins (main vocals), it was with this album, that the band started playing the first festivals in Europe (Dong Open Air in Germany) and a bunch of local shows.

The band was finding its own sound and quickly they began writing their third album. Aleix Dorca left the band and Marc Mas took his place behind the drums. With him, the band achieved a new level of complexity in percussions and "Shin-ken" arrived in 2009, a 70 minutes album about japanese samurai and zen philosophy.

The first European tour took place with American death metallers Obituary in 2010. It was an amazing experience for the band that would put them on the roster of bands available for touring, and becoming a real serious act. Some other festivals in Europe happened during this time and in the meantime the band started writing their most acclaimed album to date: "Spiritual Migration".

On 2012, the second European tour took place supporting Leprous, right before the release of the album by "Vicisolum Records" on February 2013. Followed with a ten minute video clip from the song "Spiritual Migration", the album ended up being a world fabulous achievement for the band, reaching more than a million views in Youtube and more than a million songs streamed on Spotify, iTunes,…

The promotion for this album included two Asian tours in 2013 and 2014, including Japan, China and Taiwan, with the very first "Sold out" of the band, happening in Tokyo.

After the second Asian tour, Marc Mas decided to leave the band in pursue of other musical projects that wouldn’t took so much of his time and he was replaced by Sergi "Bobby" Verdeguer, from the band Nami, who is still drummer in the band.

In 2015, the band did the first co-headlining tour with Swedish metalheads Loch Vostok around Europe, becoming the first success of the band in this matter.

In August, Jordi Gorgues, founder member of the band, left Persefone for personal reasons, and Filipe Baldaia (Nami) took the guitar spot!

The rest of the year and 2016, the band started writing their next album "Aathma" that will be released on February 24th 2017, all around the world, combined with the first headlining European tour that will happen in April 2017.

Persefone is innovative music for the open-minded listener.

Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards and Vocals
Tony Mestre: Bass
Sergi Verdeguer: Drums
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars

Worldwide: Vicisolum Productions

2017 - Aathma

2014 - Core (re-release)

2013 - Spiritual Migration

2009 - Shin-ken

2006 - Core

2004 - Truth Inside The Shades