Nightqueen is a symphonic power metal band from Genk, Belgium. Although their music is quite unique, you will hear some influences from bands like Iron Maiden and Helloween.

Leading the band on stage is Hellen Heart. Hellen is a high quality powervoice with an incredible high range. She characterizes the music in her own way.

It all started in 2004 when Rex Zeco started the band pure as a hobby. Years later, end 2010 Nightqueen released their first demo and was instantly picked up by Massacre Records who released their first album 'For Queen and Metal', early 2012. In 2014 the band signed a new deal with the Belgian label Wildgame and released their 2nd album 'rEvolution' the same year.

It was then, Rex Zeco realised the band could do even more to improve their music and so he changed the line-up rather drastically. Paddy Lee on bass, Andy Herman on drums and Gio Zuccari on keyboards, joined the band. Followed by Hellen Heart. And finally Cosi Matrigiani who plays the guitar together with Rex. So now you can say that Nightqueen finally found their ultimate line-up.

The band got back in the studio to record their 3th album, called 'Seduction'. Production and mixing is done by Rex and Christian Moos from the Spacelab Studios in Germany. The album was released on the 7th of June 2019 with the german record label El Puerto Records. It gets very good reviews from the international metal-press.

Nightqueen offers an energetic full show in all aspects. To hear the new line-up, listen to the CD 'Seduction' or the clips on YouTube (Seduce me, Wall of sorrow), or check the Nightqueen Facebook account.


Hellen Heart - vocals
Rex Zeco - guitars
Cosi Matrigiani - guitars
Paddy Lee - bass
Andy Herman - drums
Gio Zuccani Cocuzza - keyboards


For Queen and Metal - 2012

rEvolution - 2014

Seduction - 2019