Loch Vostok rose out of the collapse of Progressive Metal band Mayadome in 2001. After 10 years Drummer Teddy Moeller was tired of the cheeze and decided to start something more meaty - Loch Vostok was born. Three core members, Mayadome founder Teddy Moeller, Keyboardist Sebastian Okupski and Bass Player Erik Grandin set about formulating a new act. Moeller would switch from his erstwhile role as a drummer to that of lead vocalist/guitarist and with the incorporation of former El Presidente guitarist Niklas Kupper alongside ex Imperial Domain drummer Alvaro Torres the band was complete. However, Grandin was to relocate to the USA and so former Mellow Poetry guitarist Tomas "Tym" Jonsson stepped in to fill the bass vacancy.

Utilizing producer Daniel Bergstrand, Loch Vostok cut a self-financed album "Dark Logic" entirely based upon infamous serial killers such as Henry Lee Lucas, Andreij Tzjikatilo and Ed Gein. The first label to pick up the album for distribution would be the Russian concern CD-Maximum. Shortly after the Russian release, Portugese label Magnetism Records contracted Loch Vostok, and released "Dark Logic" worldwide August 1st 2004.

Sebastian Okupski decided to focus on his cover band and Loch Vostok quickly got another keyboardist, Andreas Lindahl from fellow-Swedish metal act Platitude, on board. He played some live shows and recorded the new album with Loch Vostok but then decided to leave. However, Loch Vostok is a real band, not just another project, so they had every intention of finding a real full time member, who was also willing to take part in the whole songwriting process. Anima Morte keyboardist/composer Fredrik Klingwall had been a friend of the band for quite a while and was asked to join Loch Vostok, which he gladly accepted.

In early 2006, the band signed with Swedish record label Escapi Music for the worldwide release of "Destruction Time Again!" - their second and more mature disc. After the fantastic reviews started coming in, the band went on tour with King Diamond and Secret Sphere all around Scandinavia for 2 weeks in April 2006, followed by another tour in Denmark with Pyramaze in June same year.

During 2007 and 2008 the band played a lot of shows in Scandinavia (including a show on-board the Tattoo Boat - a tattoo convention/festival on a cruise ship between Sweden and Finland), as well as working really hard on their third full-length album, "Reveal No Secrets". By early 2009 the album was ready; produced, recorded, mixed and edited by the band themselves and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Great Scot! Audio. After the collapse of Escapi Music a new worldwide deal was signed with US based label Nightmare Records.

Several shows in 2009 around Scandinavia, including Sweden Rock Festival, saw the band mature even more, and with a new drummer (Lawrence Dinamarca replacing Alvaro) and bassist (Jimmy Mattsson replacing Tym), Loch Vostok was stronger than ever before. While writing the songs for the new album, Moeller and band found themselves heading into a stronger and more fulfilling direction than any of the prior releases, yet still maintaining the classic Loch Vostok sound.

With their fourth album, "Dystopium", finding its release through a brand new label (Sweden's Vicisolum Productions), and a huge 30 dates European tour supporting Swedish metal band Therion, Loch Vostok finally found good luck smiling at them - and with less than a year between albums, Loch Vostok's fifth output "V: The Doctrine Decoded" hit the worldwide metal scene like a hammer, gaining the band some of the best reviews they've ever gotten.

Swedish extreme progressive metallers LOCH VOSTOK are set to release their 6th album titled "From These Waters" on March 27, 2015 through Vicisolum Productions. Ten new songs that covers pretty much anything and everything metal, from doom to übershred, from death metal to djent, from black metal to progmetal, from beauty to the ugliest of ugly! This time, only grittier!

The music is perhaps easiest to compare with the avantgardism of Cynic, the melodic death metal of Soilwork, the progressiveness of Dream Theater, the black metalish assault of Emperor, the thrash metal of Forbidden, the cult personality of Voivod, and the sheer power of Agent Steel. Sliding confortably back and forth between all the many facets of heavy metal, Loch Vostok is an all-encompassing entity.


Teddy Moeller - guitars and vocals
Patrik Janson - bass
Fredrik Klingwall - keyboards
Niklas Kupper - guitars
Lawrence Dinamarca - drums

Worldwide: Vicisolum Productions

2017 - Strife

2015 - From These Waters

2012 - V: The Doctrine Decoded

2011 - Dystopium

2009 - Reveal No Secrets

2006 - Destruction Time Again

2004 - Dark Logic